Buy now, the amazing Rosewill RCNC-11055,50 ft Cat 7 only $16.99

For the best Ethernet connections for various applications, one must get the amazing rose will RCNC-11055 50 ft Cat-7 This one has no match. We design it using a shielded twisted pair technology that prevents bent of the cable at sharp angles. In addition, it has gold plated connectors that enable protection from any of the external interferences such as an EMI known as electromagnetic interference. The blue jacket ensures flexibility for the network connections that you have. This amazing cable has a strain relief too. What it does is it prevents TJ-45 connector from bending. Its design is one like those that are problem free so even if you have to pull the cable long way, you do not end up hooking on things. This one functions far better than a Cat-6.

Rosewill RCNC-11055 50 ft Cat 7

This Cat 7 cable performs its functions at 10 gigabit and it does this over a hundred meter cabling that has the composition of copper. Yellow in color, this twisted pair with S/STP is highly safe in terms of use and supports frequency up to 600 MHz capacity. The separate wires of this cable are safe for they have a protection on them and so is the whole cable setup. The amazing feature of this cable is that one can use it for 1000 Base-TX and 100 Base-T networking. In addition to this, one may also use it for 10 Base-T networking. This cabling set is far better than its previous versions in that the previous versions only supported up to maximum 250 MHz speed. This, on the other hand, speeds up to 600 MHz. You will be satisfied with the popular and latest forms of cabling. Without errors of any kind, this is going to be the best option to choose.

Your chance to improve connectivity is in your own hands. Buying this from us is easy. Order us online and save both your time as well as money. It comes at a highly fair price and what is more interesting to know is that the shipping is free for all orders. We have many such other products for you so you can live your life easily. These products have high quality and lower prices. If you wish to look into this as well as any of the other products that we offer, kindly pay a visit to our website Order now, the amazing Rose Will RCNC-11055 50 Ft Cat-7 Color Shielded Twisted Pair Networking Cable for optimum results.


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