6Ft USB Sync Data Charging Cable for Apple

Steve Jobs make the IPhone, IPod and IPad so popular in the world and also led to the flourishing development of Apple equipment accessories business, the USB Sync Data Charging Cable is an important accessory product charge Apple device and equipment to realize the data transmission, as the Apple device using the quantity huge domestic demand, this kind of compatibility accessories is the same quite large. Such as the iPhone cable can also be compatible with the device of ipod and ipad. That’s right! The 6ft MFi Certified SlimFit 30-pin Charge Cable for iPad, iPhone, and iPod must be what you want.

6ft SlimFit USB Sync Cable

The design of this 30 Pin Apple Cables is extremely simple, after Apple MFi certification, is Apple (Apple Inc.) for its authorized accessories manufacturers of external parts of a logo licensing. It can be directly or through base your ipod, iphone, or the link to the USB port on the computer to efficient data transmission and synchronization of charging, or connect to Apple USB power adapter, convenient charge from a wall outlet. You can easily operate so control key and the base interface and allows charging in the protective casing.Apple Sync Cable appearance is the most prominent at each end of an electromagnetic loop, it has the functions of antistatic, can improve the security of charging or data transfer.

Apple Sync Cable adopts gilded anti-oxidation interface, compared with standard data line has better transmission stability and durability, in daily use, users also don’t need to worry about joint oxidation, corrosion, etc. Because Cable joint aspects using the golden plug, simple sense is stronger. 6ft MFi Certified SlimFit 30-pin USB Sync Data Charging Cable for Apple is more convenient for use. Apple continues to the new Lightning data line production are strictly controlled, and strengthen the earlier production of 30-pin data line of accessories manufacturers and all attempts to produce Lightning related accessories suppliers to comply with the Made For iPad/iPhone/iPod (MFi) project policy. Sync USB cables to connect your device to a computer to sync music and data. you’ll love how easy it is to keep crucial adapters on-hand for travel and personal use. It help you to solve the cable transmission line is not long enough. Cables supports all iPod models that have 30-pin dock connectors and all iPhone models including iPhone 4 and 4S. Cable supports 2.0 ,And it can also be used with a USB charger to charge your iPod, iPhone and iPad

Good product for Good price what I have just described.This 6Ft USB Sync Data Charging Cable for Apple Only need $13.64 at primecables.com ,Do not miss it!



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