$4.79 Only!10-in-1 Multifunction USB Car & Wall Charger for iPhone and More

Do you suffer from a charging problem when you have one socket and multiple tools to plug? Have you ever seen a device which is multi-functional else than a computer system? Is there anything which charges all your gadgets at one time? You might not have heard or seen such device as this kind of technology has never been unveiled. But now here is one multifunctional USB car which is a key to all of them. Once you will plug your several devices, functioning will take place. It is a ten in one pack which is really efficient.

10-in-1 Multifunction USB Car & Wall Charger for iPhone and More

USB Wall & Car Charger is a brand new innovation and compact tool which is easy to carry and operate. Once you have it, you may travel by taking it anywhere for your personal as well as professional deals. Even in the car, it works as an adapter and works over there to charge your cell phone. Multiple gadgets like a computer system, mobile, laptop can be charged by attaching with it. Some special phones like iPhone, iPod, Sony Ericsson, Nokia to name a few are linked with them to transfer the data. There are some of the phones with whom it is totally compatible such as Nokia E61, 6070, 5220, 6500, 6300, N71, N81, N95, 3110, 2630, N96 and other Nokia series. Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC and many other branded phones like W980, F488, i458, E6, K1, W510, P526, MAXX V3, M500, C702, T280, W396, L72, Blackberry 8800, 8310, 8820 can be charged through this 10 in 1 cable. USB is the interface method of it. The size of package is 21.2*11.5*3.5cm and the weight will be hardly 61g. As its functioning is so great, one can operate it anywhere and can connect multiple devices. So there is nothing more to look for.

10 in 1 Charger for iPhone and more is specially designed for those who work a lot like charging of mobile, laptop and related work, so without any hindrance they can perform the task. You will definitely save your money with this multi functioning charger. When you will order, the things you acquire will be a wall charge adaptor, car charger adaptor, USB cable. You cannot ignore such deal as till now you have got the amazing deal for you. Why are you waiting for, just click on the given website primecables.com and have it right now.


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