USB 2.0 Extension Active Repeater Cable

I believe that a lot of people have such a misery, due to various reasons to use a mobile phone but phone have no electricity, the USB cable is too short to let you had to stand next to the outlet charging. At this moment, all you need is a USB 2.0 Extension Active Repeater.

USB 2.0 Extension Active Repeater

USB 2.0 A – Male to A – getting Active, Repeater, the Extension Cable is A bus – powered Extension Cable, Cable can be used to increase the equipment do not need to worry about the length of the signal loss and potential performance problems.The state of the specification of the USB maximum length is 5 meters. Users can now extend from USB – E15 contains active electronic products, to improve the performance of maximum reliability and USB signal to extend the distance.USB extension cord is mainly composed of two parts: a piece of string and two USB interface. Interface in the ends of the cable, can according to need is USB male head or any combination of USB female head. USB extension cord with 128 braided shielding layer. Can achieve good effect of shielding and transmission, come with a USB chip, by extending the standard USB port to connect all USB devices, distance can reach 5 meters, using the USB Cable can be through a standard USB interface to transmit data between two hosts. External electronic equipment without directly in the computer host on the back of the plug, so that not only protect the USB device interface, convenient to use.

With the past such as serial, parallel, infrared interface, it can provide higher transmission speeds and more easy to use user interface. Direct cable USB extension cable connection, the speed is 50 times the ordinary parallel cable, support hot plug using the USB Network Link can be very fast and easy for small office, home office, mobile users, network game environment, through which the user can share disk files, printers, peripherals, and other network sharing equipment. With only 2 computer case, through the GeneLink program directly rapid transmission of documents, consisting entirely of card functions, support for TCP/IP, NETBEUI, IPX/SPX network protocol, USB1.1, high speed 12MBS transmission model, sharing cyber source, such as ADSL, MODEM, CD-ROM, printer, scanner, etc.

Please enjoy the USB 2.0 Extension Active Repeater Cable bring you convenience. You can check our website for more information, look forward to your arrival!


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