They are selling like hot cakes :Brother QL570 P-TOUCH label printer

If you are looking to a printer that requires cheap price and compact size for personal or office use.You shoule never missed Brother QL-570 Label Printer which will be a perfect solution to help you to save the printing cost.Although its very compact,But do not means its features will be compromised.To the contrary,the Brother QL-570 offers you amazing printing experience.The Resolution of this Brother printer up to 300 x 600 ,so it also well know as “Superfine mode”that can be product clarity graphics, logos and rounded text for mailing,as well as shipping and administrative applications.Features will not stop with printing,with awesome print speeds reach up to 68 labels every minute.Beyond that,Brother QL-570 Printer also take advantage of built in cutter that can accepts labels of 2.4” wide.I am sure this Brother QL-570 Label Printer will be the most indispensable Office good helper.Most important,its too compact to wast your value space.To be honest,I personally love its simple but elegant design so much.Action is more powerful than words,just try it,you will love it!

Brother QL570 P-TOUCH LABEL PRINTER (Free Shipping)

Using the Brother QL570 P-TOUCH ink cartridges will help you save more for your printer.Apply for  P-touch Editor V5 software which contains 3 input modes.It’s really quite easy for you to Snap incorporation of images through screen capture.Open the innovative road to express fast or beginner level label creation. And,also trouble free for expert label or intricate label creation.That is why I emphasized that its ideal  for office use,especially when your office need high volumn printing,Brother QL-570 will definitely a best way to meets your need.Alos,I would like to inform all of you that buying this brother printer at,we offers you a far more reasonable price $98.99,Free shipping as well on.In addition,we gives you 1 year guarantee, free return and full refund, it’s secure.Please feel free to try it,if you have any problem during use our printer,you can report to 24 hours customer service team,toll free number, fast online chat and inquiry, ways to satisfy you!

Main Benefit from Brother QL570 P-TOUCH label printer:

  • Up to 68 labels per minute print speed
  • Up to 300 x 600 dpi print resolution
  • Prints on labels up to 2.4″ label width
  • Built-in Automatic Heavy Duty Cutter
  • User-friendly software with 3 label design modes (Snap, Express and Professional)
  • Easy connection to PC via included USB cable
  • Compatible with PC & Mac OS® systems

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