Rubik’s Speaker by Spinning Hat

We all have a small child hidden beneath us which we hardly give importance in today’s busy day to day life. Do you remember your curious fight with that colored cube to get all same colors at a time in single block? How you use to struggle to do that? So here at Spinning hat they have got that cube back in a form of Rubik’s speaker. It is not only the ultimate symbol of our childhood play days, but also for its timeless and iconic design. There was such an attachment with that cube that spinning hat was force to design a stylish speaker that could look more attractive than the normal speaker in a form of cube. The simply stunning and marvelous Rubik’s USB speaker is ready to rock the market. Just as it look so cool it is very easy to operate also, you just need to simply connect the USB cable to a laptop or computer for power and then connect to any audio source with the built-in audio jack and you are on your way to a sound that will be pleasant to your ears. This compact speaker is designed in a way to fit easily on any empty corner of your desk, and will enlighten your work place by delivering very good high quality sound.

Spinning Hat® Rubik’s Speaker

IF you are in mood to listen to your favorite music at your workspace so this Rubik’s speaker is a must on your table. Whatever may be your music tastes, be it Lady GAGA or Guns n’ Roses, it will surely attract admirers around your desk when the Rubik’s Cube Speaker playing such a lovely music. It is Compatible with any Mp3 player and powered by USB. So do you want to envy your colleagues, go ahead and just get this Rubik`s speaker and keep it on your desk than it will do its work by it stylish and icon look. This speaker will connect to about any music source, via 3.3mm jack.

So if you want to go in your childhood days and enjoy that curious fight with cube you need to purchase Rubik’s speaker by Spinning hat. You can get it on our website at very reasonable price without any courier charges to pay. So go ahead and book it today.


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