Q-See ALL IN ONE QS464-211 Security System – A Best Way to Secure You and Your Business

DVR stands for “DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDING”. Surveillance DVR systems are modern versions of surveillance cameras. The main difference between surveillance dvr and old systems is the use of a digital recording method, which is SD cards and if large data storage is required these recordings can be saved on a separate recording device having larger disk storage. Old systems used tapes, CDs or a DVD, which made them expensive and really complicated to be used by common people, but now, as the Q-See ALL IN ONE QS464-211 Security Systems are available in the market, surveillance is simple and inexpensive.

Q-See ALL IN ONE QS464-211 Security System

The question, one might ask, is why surveillance is important and how is it beneficial for people? In the last decade, the security conditions have changed around the globe; if you are in either Afghanistan or America, you are at the same risk. On the other hand, if you are a business owner and visit your employees once or twice a day; after your routine visits employees can become lazy and idler that the owner’s daily visit is over and they don’t need to be worried about it anymore. However, with Q-See ALL IN ONE QS464-211  installed inside the factory, not only will the security be improved but the quality and production of the whole industry will also get better. You can control the whole business from your office.

Latest surveillance DVR supports higher Frames Per Second (FPS) rate, mean how many frames are recorded in a second. You can set the FPS rate of your surveillance DVR; if you set it to lower setting, you will get jumpy and staggered footage, where as if you set it to higher FPS then you will get more fluid image, particularly during movement. The disadvantage of higher FPS is that it can lead to use extra hard drive room. If you are concerned about hard disk space then a sufficient medium FPS is around 15 and if you have a larger hard disk drive, you set FPS to the highest your surveillance DVR allows. If you are not happy the quality of the recording and video looks choppier than a real-time video, there is a possibility that the FPS are set to low FPS. Therefore, you can come over this problem by increasing FPS rate and this can be found in the Q-See QS464-211 Security System’s settings. So first, consider your requirement and then adjust the FPS rate of your DVR accordingly.

Wired surveillance systems have always been a problem. You may hide the camera properly, but hiding the attached cable is not so easy. If the camera is not well hidden, a thief or any other person can break the security parameters or just steer his path to get in. The surveillance dvr from 123inkcartridges.ca/ don’t need any cables for installation. All you have to do is place them in the proper position, connect them thorough a wireless system and that’s all; your security shield is ready. Don’t be late and order a surveillance DVR that suits your needs best. You can get this Q-See ALL IN ONE QS464-211 Security System at $137.99 from  123inkcartridges.ca.


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