Price drop 62% On International Wall Charger for all 30-pin iPad, iPhone, iPod.

I believe that many people would like to go traveling on Summer day,Strand Holiday Village will be the first choice for them,There is fabulous hills and waters,golden beaches,sunlight above and sands Below,green Coconut trees, is a paradise on earth, an fountainhead of happiness.the only amazing gadget that we needed to fitting the travel,is just a simple Charger called International Wall Charger which will allow you to charge all your Apple device like iPhone, iPod,and other power-hungry USB devices.No matter what kind of power outlet you got,you can charge with this International Wall Charger.Also,I wanna inform you that this item is on sale with much cheaper price $16.99 only,(was $44.98),we help you save 62% money on your pocket,it’s really a big deal,right?!

International Wall Charger

This wall charger is specially designed for the international traveller. The charger unit capable of accepting different plug attachments, allowing it to connect to NEMA 1-15 (USA), BS1363 (UK), AS/NZS 3112 (Australia and New Zealand), and the CEE 7/16 Europlug (EU) outlets.The charger comes with a USB output level of 2.0A at 5 VDC, which is fairly enough power to charge the iPad and other power-hungry USB devices.It also equip with a exceptional USB to 30-pin cable and a USB to mini USB cable.

International Wall Charger for all 30-pin iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®,from

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