Optical Toslink Audio Cables,3Ft

Toslink is a digital audio interface specification for optical fiber cable, optical digital audio cable carrying audio data in the form of optical pulse, but not in the form of an electrical signal. Fiber optic cable connector is a square plug, it applied to the sound receiver, new DVD player, CD player, satellite receiver and a variety of other equipment wire. Cylindrical plug is another optical digital audio standard, similar to Toslink, is applied to the MD Walkman and other small portable digital audio equipment. Today, I recommend a product is for everyone is Toslink Cable 

3Ft Premium Toslink Cable Metal Casing with Nylon Sleeve OD7.0mm

Toslink digital audio cables provide you as much as possible signal, even in the extreme volume, Toslink will give you the best quality. Synthetic fiber and heavy metal connector core, low loss rate of low jitter suppression of vibration, give you the ultimate listening experience. You may be worried that in the process of using radio frequency interference phenomenon will appear, you can rest assured, Toslink Cable for you to eliminate any chance of radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference or ground loop interference. In addition, corrosion and to provide maximum protection of the fiber tip and precision polishing the maximum signal transmission fiber types to prevent gold hoop. You can use Toslink Cable to connect to your DVD, CD, MP3, mini disc, DAT and other digital audio equipment, you can enjoy the clear, detailed sound.

Toslink Cable pay attention to design details, the design of the CD, D / A converter, Dolby digital DTS surround sound receiver, DVD, micro hard disk player and recorder, and professional audio card for you to provide user-friendly products, there are more details you can’t imagine.Toslink cables are usually transmitted signal because the red light emitting diode. The Toslink standard is initially provided by Toshiba development connected to the director of the Secretary for home affairs players. It quickly became the most popular audio signal focus line format. This is mainly used to connect to the CD player, DVD player, satellite antenna receiver and other equipment, the need for reliable delivery of audio signal. Audio cable is an important difference between Toslink and other formats, because Toslink uses a fiber optic cable, which is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference and line noise.Toslink cable is usually confined to be five meters long.

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