Mini Display Port for your HD  movies with big screen

If you are a movie funs and always want to watch HD movies with big screen whenever and wherever possible, this small but power device will make you wish come true.It is our product :Mini Display Port . It support you to connect a standard mode display, projector, or a LCD with VGA or HDMI port or cable to your Mac from its mini Display port. So you can watch videos and slideshows on the big screen with family and friends.

Mini Display Port Thunderbolt to HDMI & VGA Adapter

The Mini Displayport adapter adopt the world’s top digital to analog conversion chip, convert HDMI digital signal to VGA analog signal; The first low energy power supply system design, embedded MCU and built-in Flash, without external power supply, when used directly by the HDMI output to power a chip; Support HDMI1.4 version, support HDCP protocol, support VGA output maximum resolution of 1080 p; Independent DC3.5 synchronize audio interface design can perfect realization of audio output; Micro USB power supply design, can provide high power consumption equipment charging function; Fast installation, simple operation, support hot swap. The adapter adopts high performance conversion chip, to guarantee the high purity oxygen free fiber core, ensure perfect transmission of the picture. A more patience and sense of ABS shell environmental protection, high strength, wear resistance, feel is good.

In this highly promote the concept of environmental protection today, no doubt this is a very good innovations. Other gold plated material, its configuration to reduce the degree of wear and tear, ensure that thousands of times in batu will not damage, strong antioxidant capacity, to ensure the perfect transmission signal. More powerful is that it has an independent audio, perfect to realize the video synchronous output, enjoy the most beautiful sound quality. New and high quality adapter, not only supports mini display port (DP) VGA and HDMI output, its aluminum casing minimize electromagnetic interference, compact design allows the adjacent port access. The built-in conversion chip, without external power supply. HDMI V1.3 compatible supports full 1080 p hd display 10.2 GBPS video bandwidth.

Above is our product : Mini Display Port Thunderbolt to HDMI & VGA Adapter! Don’t wait any longer, Log in our website to learn more about related product information.We will provide you with the most affordable price $24.99. Hurry to snap up!


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