Manfrotto MT294C3 Carbon Fiber Tripod is on Half-price.

Manfrotto designed for professional photography, film, theatre, live entertainment and video market design, manufacture all kinds of camera and lighting equipment. Wire series products include camera three tripod and head, lighting bracket and accessories. Manfrotto products by their own trading company sales distribution in Chinese, France, Germany, Hongkong, Italy, Japan, the UK, and America, plus 65 countries in the world through independent distributors! This is a brand you can trust.

Manfrotto MT294C3 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Now, let me introduce you about Manfrotto MT294C3 Carbon Fiber Tripod ,The three section 190CX3 fusion function design excellence performance and necessary. Carbon fiber and aluminum alloy castings 100% guarantee excellent stability and light weight. Aluminum alloy axial including low angle can be used as a short axis at the bottom of the adapter.The wing shape design of the central locking button, can be more easily and more convenient adjustment bracket height. And the anti rotation axis of the groove design, more convenient photographer shooting. Telescopic pothook, convenient suspension belongings, can increase the weight to stable photography in the use of heavier lenses, environment of uneven ground or under strong winds.

The protective cap and rubber sleeve tightly stick on the tripod, and the inner belt gear, while increasing friction, can completely prevent dust entering the threads, realize the prevention and rapid locking, let the photographer more time-saving. External pull type angle simple but practical adjustment sheet easier to adjust to the satisfaction of the angle. It has high, low, three angle, can be adjusted according to the actual need. The axis of the hook from the bottom, can be more convenient than axial inverted installation, low angle and macro photography. The water drop foot model rubber nail, anti-skid, wear-resistant, and can be applied to any terrain. Appropriate use of the models and the crowd included hobby scenery photography, travel lovers, there are a variety of shooting demand, pay attention to functional photography tripod, tripod stability, portability of demanding people.

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