iOttie® New Waterproof Skin for iPad Mini

Whenever you purchase an iPad you have noticed that none of them are water resistance. You always have a fear that it can be damaged by water anytime. So what you will do to overcome your this fear? Don’t worry as iOtte has come up with new waterproof skin case for your iPad mini which is reusable also. So now you can easily dress up your iPad mini with a slim water resistant skin and let it go and dance in water or rain. Now there is no need to keep your iPad in cars in times of heavy rainfall. It is very well sealed to protect your device through all aquatic adventures also. When you cover your iPad with this IPX8 classified super thin skin, all of your device`s` touch screen functions are available by which you can utilize its all functions without removing the skin cover too. You can easily browse through your internet or even take pictures and videos. You can easily do all your activity related to water without worrying for your iPad. Whether you want to dance in rain, do swimming in pool, or build forts in snow, you need to just enjoy your activity your new waterproof skin will ensure the impermeability of your device.

iOttie® New Waterproof Skin for iPad Mini Reusable

You have seen that various types of skin covers are available in market for your phones. But hardly of them will be water resistant means protect your iPad when it comes in contact with water. But iOtte has got this new waterproof skin for your iPad which is totally water resistant. S It is certified by Japan quality Assurance Organization for its waterproof capability. Its IP code, also interpreted as International protection rating, ans was used to rate the iOtte waterproof skin and was given the rating of IPX8. This rating indicates that our waterproof skin is suitable for continuous immersion in water also. Normally this means that the equipment is hermetically airtight sealed for its safety. There is extra smooth layer added in the rear for double protection and easy insertion. And its excellent picture quality gives you 98% skin transparency. It is built with 3M`s adhesive technology to give it protection against water, dirt and sand.

Installation Instruction

So now better be fast and get this new waterproof skin cover for your mini iPad now. You can get it from our website so visit it and book one for you now.


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