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If you are a home theater fancier, then spare parts requirements for home theater is very high. But you may be depressed individual because purchase of a small accessories is a trouble, which not only waste a lot of time,but also easy to buy the wrong parts. At this time, you need to have a set of 4 in 1 Home TheaterAccessories Bundle. A set of 4 in 1 Home Theater Accessories bundles IncludingHDMI, Toslink, Organizers & Cleaning Kit

4 in 1 Home Theater Accessories Bundle

1 * 6ft 3D Ready High Quality HDMI Cable w/24K Gold Plated

This can be 2 with HDMI cable equipment, and support the HDMI specification, such as your hd TV, blu-ray player or game console. Support all television resolutions up to 1080 p and Beyond, in addition, it can support 4 k “according to hdmi1.4 ver specifications. But make sure that your device supports the function of 4 k. Is ver 1.4 and cable. PLS refer to the specification. For the 1.4 high video resolutions, go far beyond today’s 1080 p system. 4 k is shorthand for 4000 line width line from high 2000, or roughly $64.2 four times the resolution of a 1080 p display. The term includes two formats.

1 * 3ft Optical Toslink 5.0mm OD Audio Cable
Experience of hypersonic clear and accurate music copied the light from the PrimeCables Toslink cable!Optical S / PDIF (aka Toslink) cable is an excellent way to distribute HD, risk of electrical problems in multi channel audio is not common, such as the groundloop or radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

1 * UT Wire D-Wings 12-Piece Small Cord Control Set – White
UT D-Wings 12-piece line rope control set in white is a rope organizers simple holding and guiding the loose rope in any plane such as a wall or table. Simplebell, uphold and maintain. Use it to audio and video lines, charger, lighting wires, power cables, festival lamp etc..

1 * Xtreme HDTV Multipurpose Deluxe Cleaning Kit (HD Screen Cleaner, Brush & Cloth)
It is a HD TV luxury cleaning tool.This luxury cleaning tool from the player to make your device screen smooth and clean. Kit includes a screen cleaning liquid, micro-fiber cleaning cloth, andbrush, do not leave any traces of dust in your HD TV, monitor, projector,camera, video camera, GPS, and portable media. This multi-purpose cleaningtool from the player effectively clean without leaving scratches on your screen.

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