CP-B100 – 2.2 Inch BarPhone For Seniors

Are your parents staying away from you and they have reached old age? So you must be worrying everyday for them if there is lack of communication with them. Keeping these your need in mind there is a new cell phone in market especially for seniors. CP-B100 -2.2 inch bar phone includes big key fonts, SOS key, flashlight and FM facility which make it very easy for seniors use. It is unlocked for worldwide use. This quad-band phone will work on GSM network frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

CP-B100 – 2.2 Inch Bar Phone ,

There are many features in this CP-B100 smart phone which have gain importance from many of its customers. There is a wide screen of 2.2 inch screen which enables elderly people to look at text in an easy way without applying more pressure to their eyes. There is super low end phone for old people. The big keys and big fonts which are in built in this phone prove to be very helpful to them. The big fonts enables them to write text message easily and send to anyone they want to. There is option for flashlight also to help them to find their way in dark. The keys have short cut to various keys so they need not search for different keys all time. There is shortcut key especially for FM and SOS emergency calling. If they want to lighten up their mood with some music they just need a headphone to this smart phone and start enjoying FM. The screen parameter is of 260K with colorful screen, TFT, 128*160 Pixel touch screen with very good quality. There is single SIM card facility. The volume is very clear in free loud speaker. There is talking calling ID facility also. There is perfect voice broadcast without any disturbances. It also has hearing aids attached with it. This smart phone is environment friendly and has radiation free design. There are large concave non reflective keys. It also includes alarm and calculator also. You can use various languages in this phone such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese etc. There is a long battery time so no need to charge again and again.

You can gift your parents this unique inch bar smart phone on any occasion. They will really appreciate your gift as it will prove to be helpful to them. So book your smart phone from our website 123inkcartridges.ca right now for your loving parents. They have done a lot for you now it`s your turn to repay them so go ahead.


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