Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Wireless Printer Review

A high-quality printer, is an important aid in the achievement of the photographer. Once the work is not ideal, is directly affected by the author’s occupation image. Therefore, all professionals, in the choice of output devices,will be very cautious, this is an indisputable fact. Canon PIXMA PRO-100Wireless Professional Inkjet Photo Printer will be your good helper. Let me tell you something about the characteristics of Canon PIXMA PRO-100:

Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Wireless Professional Inkjet Photo Printer

To meet the needs of professional work
PRO-100 supports a variety of world famous brands of all kinds of paper output, whether it is a variety of surface types of photo paper, and all kinds of art paper, PRO-100 can easily deal with, so as to meet the different themes and style of major works. Various ICC color profile professional EOS user to each brand of paper website to download Canon for PRO-100, can use X-Rite and Datacolor color calibration tool, according to the PRO-100 ICC color profiles for each specific paper, to ensure that the work of color in each kind of paper surface accurately print output.

Image works of high speed output
PRO-100 color and black and white work print speed significantly, color photo printing speed is 2.3 times Canon Pro9000 Mark II, black and white photo is as high as 5.4 times. The professional image of the best works, instant stand vividly revealed on the paper.
Wi-Fi wireless printer, print more freedom:
Then from the cumbersome USB line or Ethernet connection, by connecting the Wi-Fi wireless local area network, connecting to the local LAN computer thus (including PC and MAC) to realize wireless printing, both photo printing, or print a document, can let your family to print more freedom.

3 black independent type of dye ink, make the color more expressive
Three kinds of black ink PRO-100 effectively inhibits the grain production, and the gray scale natural smooth transition. Photograph by dark fine natural display, make the picture more levels, professional quality, thus showing.

OIG color system
Color Optimum Image Generating calculation, System is able to calculate the color accuracy of the different droplet ejection combined, according to color, color transition, black density, grain, gloss, Anti-bronzing and metamerism, performance, choose to print the final drop combination is the most accurate and precise, the droplet ejection location professional quality, color reduction. It is precisely because there is a OIG system, reproduction, printer color gloss gradient and uniform of the three properties of the equilibrium is enhanced to a higher level.

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