Brother DR-250 OEM Drum Unit Review

If you own a Brother printer, you need to understand the function of Brother drum units as well. A drum unit inside a printer is a charged unit. The charge on this drum unit is created through a corona wire or from a roller that is separately charged. There are certain printers that come with drum units integrated along with the toner cartridge. That is the case of HP laser printers. In case of Brother printers, you can purchase separate drum units and replace the old ones.

Brother DR-250 OEM Drum Unit

The drum unit works by attracting toner electrostatically by means of static electricity. When the drum has positive charge, the toner particles are also positively charged. When the drum has negative charge, the toner particles attain negative charge as well. The toner particles are then attracted to the oppositely charged spaces on the drum and that leads to the content or images to be printed. Usually the drum units have a specific life expectancy. The life expectancy of a printer’s drum unit depends on the page production units. It is known that HP drum units last upto eight thousand pages printed.

Today there are compatible drum units available as opposed to original OEM drum units. You can opt for remanufactured or compatible drum units today which work as well as OEM units but cost less and are compatible with a wide range of printers of a specific brand. If you use a replacement version of a drum unit, you would be using a remanufactured unit that has been manufactured with quality standards that are similar to OEM standards. You could opt for the DR250 OEM drum unit or its compatible version.

If you are wondering where you can check out these units and know the price differences of the two, you can visit the site This site will be able to provide you with plenty of choices. What is more, the month of June 2014 has several offers in store for the clients. You will be able to check out similar products and accessories at this site. If you wish to get such items delivered at any Canadian address, the express delivery service will have the purchase delivered in no time and with nil shipping charges. You can opt or OEM or compatible drum units from this site as well as opt for the same units of different brands.


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