Apple Certified Lightning USB Charge & Sync Cable

Have you ever heard of Apple Certified  Lightning USB Charge & Sync Cable?From iPhone4 to iPhone5 apple apple, apple went through its products are the most prosperous period. In recent years, the number of “apple fans” rising rapidly, especially young white-collar workers, hate not having “apple four piece suit”.For the ” apple fans “, for his love with a lightning USB data power line is essential. In order to meet the ” apple fans ” to demand, our company for the PrimeCables ™ MFIApple Certified 1-Meter Lightning USB Charge & Sync Cable yourecommended, to ensure the completion of your request.

Apple Certified 1-Meter Lightning USB Charge & Sync Cable,

PrimeCables MFI using the original as 1 meter long, suitable for all the latestApple series such as IPHONE5/IPAD4/IPAD-MINI/TOU CH5/NANO7, can satisfy the daily charge, transmission. PrimeCables ™ MFI interfaces at both ends by the gold plating process, not only the appearance of out of the ordinary, but also can effectively reduce the contact resistance, enhanced electrical performance, ensure the machine will not fail in the process of charging, transmission. Not only that, gold plating process with PrimeCables ™ MFI also enhanced the interface corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The data line interface is connected between the position of the equipment, the use of frequent, the most easily damaged parts, once the rust or wear, can not be normal use, PrimeCables ™ MFI intimate golden coat allows it to ignore the ravages of time, so the service life is 3 times that of ordinary data line.

In addition, PrimeCables ™ MFI sandwich structure with aluminum foil, to ensure maximum data transfer flow. The data in the process of transmission, electromagnetic interference will result in data transmission failure or poorpicture. Electromagnetic interference in electromagnetic wave transmission interference, daily space exists many electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic wave propagation in the process, if the experience of metal material can not becrossed, so the metal material for shielding electromagnetic wave is a effective measure to avoid electromagnetic interference. PrimeCables ™ MFI data power line with tin foil coat, can effectively shield the signal interference, to ensure that the data transmission SMOOTH OPERATOR. But as the metal material, aluminum foil can be online material plastic jacket rupture to escort for the material to the case, equal to one more layer of solid wire protection, let the data line longer service life, give users a dual experience worry and comfortable.

From what has been discussed above, Enough to make you want to have one PrimeCables™ MFI Apple Certified 1-Meter Lightning USB Charge & Sync Cable? More surprises, You only need to pay $8.99 you can take it home at


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