ADESSO Optical Laser 16 X 6 Barcode Scanner

We love electronic gadgets and accessories, and we truly believe that technology can greatly enhance our life.How to improve our ability to find items? The answer is use a machine.And that machine is exactly the Optical Laser Barcode Scanner

ADESSO Optical Laser 16 X 6 Barcode Scanner USB

Laser Barcode Scannerdevices provide an accurate, easy and fast method of data entry and data storage for computerized information systems.The NuScan 3200 Barcode Scanner features the accuracy of laser compact, ergonomic and affordable design. It features technical advancements that eliminate internal vibrating mirrors and moving parts for better shock absorption, longevity and durability. Adesso NuScan barcode scanners combine high performance, accuracy, and value. With the help of bar code scanning technology products, improve inventory accuracy and productivity! They offer best-in-class solutions for retail, point of sale, Office, Light Industrial, Warehouse, Libraries, Medical, Legal office, Government, marketing and any repetitive application where time and precision are critical factors in helping businesses streamline their workflow. The USB version is compatible with MAC OSX and Windows.
Key features:

  • 1.With 80 scans per second ultrafast scanning speed and the working range of 6.44km, offer first-class customer service, improve service levels and speed as well as productivity.
  • 2.Simple to install and operate. The USB can be inserted into the computer, plug and play.
  • 3.Low power consumption,environmental -friendly products.
  • 4.Optical technology,excellent decoding performance,smooth decoding barcodes which with rerflective, folds, blur, color code even in light environment,misreading rate low.
  • 5.High sensitive inductance type, with similar block products hance the highest sensitivity and the induction distance.
  • 6.Support Output Editor,support a variety of special output format editing and customization, such as adding character identity, hidden output digits, display barcode system, etc.
  • 7.Made of engineering plastics, have durability and longevity life.
  • 8.Auto detection of the type of computer ( MAC OSX and Windows).

So, do you want to have this powerful ADESSO Optical Laser 16 X 6 Barcode Scanner USB? What do you wait for? Hurry up to log on our website to buy.The popular ADESSO is nearly sold up, left only 1 in stock for $119.99! Take it home now!


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