4 in 1 Home Theater Accessories Bundle

Did you know that handy bundles of accessories are available for home theatre systems? While most home theatres come with their own set of cables and adapters, often, we lose track of the cable and then we are unable to use certain functionalities of a home theatre system. When we need to re install a home theatre system in a new environment, we land up in trouble as we are unable to fix the home theatre system to a television or set up the connectivity with the different speaker units.

4 in 1 Home Theater Accessories Bundle (HDMI,Toslink,Organizers & Cleaning Kit)

There are different cables and adapters that are provided with a home theatre system. While the age old ones had cables and wires connecting the different speaker units to the main system, today wireless audio adapters are used with most home theatre systems to help speakers and other supporting devices to be set up wirelessly in different parts of a room and stay connected to the main unit. If you have misplaced most of the essential wires and cables that come with your home theatre system, opt for this set to have all necessary wires at hand as and when you wish to re install your home theatre system in any other space.

A four-in-one home accessories kit would consist of the following components:

  • HDMI cable of 6ft and 3D ready
  • Toslink audio cable of 3 ft
  • 12 piece small cord set
  • Cleaning kit for HDTV

Such a handy bundle will take care of all connection requirements to any home theatre unit with a high definition television.

The HDMI cable can be used not only on your HDTV, you can use it to attach gaming consoles and Blu Ray players as well. There are gold plated connectors and copper conductors in such a cable to ensure that the data transmission is flawless. The audio cable will ensure that the audio output and reproduction is clear and superior in sonic clarity. The cord organizer is useful to holding loose cords on desks or walls and keeping the wire organized due to the self adhesive tape that comes with the unit. Finally, the multipurpose cleaning kit will help you keep your television screen new and can be used on your other media devices to keep them clear of dust.

This handy kit of home theatre accessories is priced above twenty dollars at any other retail store or portal. You can get this bundle at a special discounted price of $9.99 at primecables.com, the only online Canadian store with such great deals.


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