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Apple USB Data Cable With the development of science and technology, electronic products are developing more and more developed, but at the same time, the electronic products pirated also increased. Some buy pirated Apple USB Data Cable says, the charge and the synchronization process everything is normal, but theconnection extension music devices seem not so perfect, found in comparison with the data line from apple, Lightning USB data line the piracy lack the necessary shielding part. Buy pirated Apple USB Data Cable is not only the existence of quality problems, there may also be the big security problem.Therefore, a high quality MFI Apple Certified SlimFit 30-pin Charge/Sync USBData Cable is very important, and it is you need to choose.

30 Pin Apple Cables

MFi certified USB cable connects your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with 30 Pin connector to your computer’s USB port for syncing and charging! Or connect to any USB Power Adapter or USB Vehicle Charger for convenient charging on the go!It charge your devices through any computer USB port at home or in the office and connect to your computer for easy syncing and data transfer.Charge through any USB power outlet and vehicle charger.

Apple USB Data Cable with PVC wire and the wire body is smooth, flexible bending resistance at the same time. Line is within the four wire core are anaerobic pure copper wire core, environmental protection has excellent electric conductivity, high speed data transmission. USB port is gold plated and plug. Use PVC environmental protection overlapping injection, not easily broken, smooth and bright beautiful, strong and durable. Adopts advanced environmental protection apple4 joint case, ISO – 9001:2000 international certification system. Lining with shielding, effectively reduce the signal interference. With aluminum foil shielding line itself, can significantly reduce the electromagnetic interference and radio interference, guarantee the data transmission speed, and ensure the USB compatible with one hundred percent. Surface is made of super fine nano weaving environmental protection material, tensile load.

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