iPadding Kids is Funtastic!

At the first glance,you will be attracted by its lovely design,this is not a ipad Case,this is more than that,if you actually take a look about this small fun item,you will realize that this is a Funtastic gadget.It is constructed of certified non-toxi material indicated this product is going to be durable because I don’t really need to worry about my ipad fall on the ground and shock all sides.

It’s features are endless, the build quality is superb,A Sound Tunnel enhances audio by re-directing sound from the rear to the front of the iPad while boosting volume up to 10 dB.and the soft molding and side handles makes it easy-to-hold, hard-to-drop and the tail allows the iPad to prop up at a 45° angle for hands-free use.It gives you ipad a full protection without need to compromising its form and functionality.All connectors and ports are easily accessible. Kids love it and Mom & Dad can relax, knowing their iPad is in good hands.

So if you are looking for fun toy for your kids, or if you are an ipad fan and looking for something solid that can be protect your mobile device, you should definitely consider it !This product is available at PhoneGala.com,it is also available in 4 colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red. Free Shipping come with all the orders of $49 !You will find it is totally worth the price and really glad by choosing this brand.



Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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