Your Great Slimport micro USB to HDMI adapter

Slimport™ micro USB to HDMI adapter

How many features you expect from an adapter?Full-HD 1080 resolution,3D video and 8-channel sound,or Ultra-HD displays with up to 4K resolution ?It’s features are endless,the build quality is superb.This adapter connects SlimPort capable of mobile devices to HDMI monitors or TVs,supporting Full HD resolution videos and pictures from your mobile device viewed on a large screen.Everything you can expect from our Slimport.And i  would like to inform you that drop price on it,with amazing price $16.99,while the prime value was $59.89 !It’s a great deal,right?

Therefore,if you looking to purchase an adapter that promise multi-function and also CHEAP price,then you should forget offer you the best deal and promotions here.


Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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