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USB 3.0 refers to Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard for computer the new cables for the new device,which takes the full advantage of transfer rate over 10x faster,top speed of 5.0 Gbps for all cables and device need all USB 3.0 compliant.which is also now on sale and the price as low as 1.49$ only.

Amazetec USB 3.0 cables deliver the quality and value you’ve come to expect from us.USB 3.0 has arrived promising speeds more than 10X that of it’s predecessor.  Up to 5.0 Gbs.  These cables will allow you to connect new USB 3.0 devices to your USB 3.0 enable computer or controller to fulfill that promise.

What is the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0?
The maximum transfer rate for USB 2.0 is 480 Mbps, also referred to as High Speed. USB 3.0 has a transfer rate over 10x faster with a top speed of 5.0 Gbps. brbrTo take advantage of the additional speed, you will need a host controller, cables and devices that are all USB 3.0 compliant. The actual transfer rate will depend on the equipment being used.

Is USB 3.0 backward compatible with prior versions of USB?
Yes, it is. However, maximum transfer rates will be limited to the maximum performance of the slowest device or cable in your connection.


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