The Cheapest Network Cables in Canada

Looking for cheap Network Cables to improve your signal efficiency?The good news is that there are many alternatives out there if you’re looking for this type of item.These cables are especially design for your home network or high speed Internet setup,No matter if you are using it to network adapters, hubs, switches, DSL/cable modem, routers and other network applications.I believe that you will not regret buying this excellent quality Ethernet cables including cat5e, cat6 and the newest cat 7 cable selling as low as $0.79 on

Using our quality Network Cables makes all your networking become fluid and lightning quick!Most important,there is a ton of alternatives out there on sale,such as Cat5, Cat6 & Cat7,Keystone Jacks, Organizers, Tools and More.Network Cables Save Up to 60%,Start from $0.79 ! Free shipping available for all orders above $49.these new Network Cables in which we offered, you will never see from other places, at least, not with the same price, so why not just view our web site to find out more during the clearance sale season?

Primecables offer you most high quality Network Cables you are looking for,with unbeatable price you ever seen.


Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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