Smart Things in home:2.0MP 80Angle View Mini DV

2.0MP 80Angle View Mini DV

The Mini DV is a nice little camera, but the video quality is somewhat sub-par. The manufacturer stated 25 FPS was not achievable using a Class 6 microSD card. For the price it provides the ability to mount just about anywhere as a private camera. It would have been nice if it actually could record at 30 FPS or had 720×480 DPI video capability. Overall the external build quality is better than expected. It would be nice if the unit allowed recording when connected to a battery pack via a min-USB to std USB cable. If you are looking for a high quality video, you may look elsewhere, but for an extremely small device to record first person footage as a helmet cam, this is more than adequate.

Bnefits from Mini DV MD80 :

  • Manually and sound activated recording
  • Low illumination, high resolution image with 2000K pixels
  • 25 frames per second for 640*480 video output
  • Provide 2G Micro SD card and Support 16G memory card (max)
  • Easy operation with LED indicator,Support USB 2.0

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