Peacock Decoration Table Lamp for Bedroom /Living Room/Bar /Coffee House /Children Room etc.

This porcelain lamp is a blend of traditional ceramic technology and modern lighting technologies, products exquisite workmanship and rich culture, has high practical value and appreciation. This decorative lamp produces a soft glow to create a warm, inviting feel, each fixture reveals its delicately sculptured form and detail when illuminated, Put one in the home, the lamp is absolutely eye-catching, downy light, beautiful curve shape, foil the creative living space!

It’s a prefer choice for your Bedroom,Living Room,Bar,Coffee House,as well as Children Room.the soft light that seeps through the louvers at night wraps your rooms in a gentle glow.For now ,you can get this beautiful lamp with $24.99 only,50% off,(was $49.99)from


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