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Mini Displayport Male

This is something you have been searching for a long time.Since Apple didn’t run audio through their dvi outputs, so users had to use one DVI to HDMI adaptor plus a regular stereo connection through the earphone plug.However, some TV’s don’t allow that kind of connection, requiring only HDMI for video and sound.Here is the solution you’ve been waiting for,you can connect your laptop to any recent TV.See How to connect a Macbook to TV ?

And the great adapter connects to a female Mini DisplayPort to provide video, a USB output to provide power, and includes a mini TOSlink to TOSlink cable to connect from the 3.5mm (1/8 inch) digital audio output of your compatible Mac® to the TOSlink input on the adapter in order to deliver true digital audio and video output to the adapter’s female HDMI® port. All you need to add is a male to male HDMI® cable to connect from the adapter to your television and you’re ready to view AND hear movies, games, or anything that’s displayed on your Mac.

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