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Are you looking for cheap Laptop options,without spending too much?Should I get a tablet or a laptop? Read our Laptop buying guide will give you some ideas to looking for a good laptop.It seems that each year,Apple is go ahead with new operating systems and stylish desig.If you have watched the news recently, then you are bound to know that there is a new version of Apple’s MacBook Air.Seperated into 2 models 13-inch and 11-inch.both of them has the updated Intel Core i5 processors and unmatched battery life.

There are, however, other versions which you may also want to consider.For instance,Samsung’s expensive 13-inch Ativ Book 9 Plus,except from a better HD screen,it is similar with Apple’s MacBook Air.Another inexpensive option 14-inch HP Chromebook 14,which compatible with the Chrome OS via Google.Windows 8 is the current default operating system for almost all new laptops.Especially because Win 8 is built for touch-screen use.Here are three tips for buying a laptop.

Don’t spend the overpriced Laptop
In the past few years,$1000 may considered a good price for a laptop,but today,it is too much,Spend $700-800 can buy a good computer.the price of the laptop are always drop.

Think about the screen size
what screen size your need?In general,13-inch lightweight is adequate for most users,it’s easy fro you you to take it around with you.but if you don’t plan to take your laptop along with you,then a big 15-inch or 17-inch desktop is a good option.

Great design is a key point
If all the laptops are run the similar system and with similar components such as the same pool of stock CPUs, hard drives, RAM, and video cards.then the look will become the first point you consider to buy a computer.Especially you may take it around with you whole day,and you do everything on it,send e-mails,store office documents or shopping has become a very important part in your daily should choose one that with a style and design that suitable for you.As you may expect,the Apple nails are so great,although the inside parts of the MacBook are not much different from other laptops.

A laptop is play an important role in your daily life.If it comes down to choosing between a design you love and a minor difference in specs,i would like to advise to choose the stylish design one.there are also many laptop accessories available in 123 inkcartridges,all products with high quality and cheap price !


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