How to use banana plugs With Speaker Wire ?

Copper Speaker Banana Plugs

Using banana plugs with your speaker wire will bring you many conveniences,for example,when you are do some wall installations on the back of wall,or the using wall plates (as opposed to just leaving a big hole in the wall).These wall plates will definitely become your assistant.If you need help with the back of your speakers and receiver,Banana plugs is able to organize your mess wires and without compromising its nice looking.

Let’s begin to show the process of using banana plugs now


First of all,you need to cut a wire that the length you need.when you get the right length wire,pull one end away to give yourself room to work.

2.Cutting about 2 inches wire’s jacket away by using the wire side cutters,And you will see two inner wires.

3.Then also remove the wire stripper. This will expose the bare wire which we need to work with. Using the wire stripper place the cutting edge, strip off a little bit of the copper.

4.Insert the cable into the bottom of the banana plug. Expose a little bit of the copper than fan it out. Screw back on the top of the banana plug.
5.Repeat this process for the other side of the cable
6.Strip the jacket off the other end of the wires. Attach the banana plugs as you did on the other end of the wire.
7.Take the close screw banana plugs and plug them into your device. Take the pin type banana plugs and plug them into your speakers.

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