How to hide TV cables ?


It’s easy to become irritable when you are face a maze of cables in your office or home.Regardless of the number of devices you’re use,the cables are easy to get cluttered, messy,and bunched up together.Cable hassles has become a common trouble for everyone.Therefore,it’s time to Organize your cables and hidden away.It will not spending a lot time to finish it,as long as you follow our simple steps as below.

First of all,you should get some “assistants”

What you need are:

  • Drywall saw or knife
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil/pen
  • Screwdriver


Step 1 The first thing you need to do is picked out the spot on your TV,with the help of size guide that lie on the back of the installation sheet to find out the locations for your two mounting boxes.then hide one behind your wall mounted TV, and the other one close to the floor.

Step 2 Then cut a holes carefully in your drywall (sheetrock, gypsum board) for your recessed boxes.As the picture shows below.

Step 3 Run the 8 foot 3 wire Romex power cable that between the two small well running your audio and video cables,you will need wall plates to access cable.If you have a lot of excess power cable,go ahead and trim it, but be sure to leave yourself enough cable to work with comfortably.and secure it to the wall.

Step 4 There are Plates on the back of the TV with three color coded mounting screws. make a tight hook around the threads of the appropriate screw, then tighten the screw.

Step 5 Carefully insert the wall plates into the holes in the drywall,and using the supplied white screws to tighten the recessed plate to the work box. Then tighten the screws with wings

Step 6 All of your cables are now hidden !

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