How to connect a MP3, iPod or iPhone to a Stereo Receiver?

3.5mm Stereo Male to 3.5mm Stereo Male (Gold Plated)

As a music lover,you will always want to enjoy the fun of music.Do you want to connect your MP3, iPod or iPhone to a Stereo Receiver? If the answer is Yes.then this article will definitely helpful for you.First of all,you need to get a right sort of cable.The 3.5mm Stereo Male to Male Cable is specially designed for you to connect your MP3, iPod, iPhone to any version of the Stereo Receiver.It is not cool looking,but also completely functional, well built and sturdy we offer you as low as $5.99 only !

Let’s begin to show the process of connect a MP3, iPod or iPhone to a Stereo Receiver

This Gold plated metal connections enables you to get the best smooth,corrosion-free connections as possible.And if you are looking deeper enough, you might realize that the number of jacks labeled “input” along with more detailed labels on the back of your stereo receiver,you need to find out the small and circular jacks which normally is the one colored red and the which other colored white(However, some device only have one jack).The Conversion Stereo Cable, which have a male stereo mini on one end is compatible with MP3, iPod, iPhone, etc. The other end to fit the jacks in your stereo receiver.The 3 mm shank length is sufficient to penetrate through the thickness of any protective case, while the 6 mm diameter is thin enough to fit into the hole of any case.

This Conversion Audio Cable is worth price to buy,Which allows you to plug in your MP3 iPod or iPhone to play your music.You can easily enjoy your music whenever you want.



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