Capture® Camera Clip 2.0 Pro with DUALplate

What is Capture ?
The Capture® Camera Clip System rigidly holds your camera to any strap or belt, keeping it secure and accessible during any physical activity, so you can take your DSLR camera everywhere.Capture is an aluminium clip that will forever change the way you shoot.It allows you carry your DSLR, compact,or POV camera, with lens attached, directly on any backpack strap or belt. It holds your camera rigidly,so you don’t need to worry about your camera swinging and swaying when you are doing physically active .On the other hand,this eliminates the need for a neck strap, sling, holster you may like to use it in conjunction with the Leash or Cuff.

Capture® Camera Clip 2.0 Pro with DUALplate

HOW Capture Works ?
Screw the quick release plate into the tripod mount on your camera using an Allen key. This plate is low profile, ARCA®-type compatible and can attach to any camera.
Clamp the aluminium clip around any backpack, strap or belt using two hand-tightened bolts.
Slide your camera into the clip. Your camera locks into place, keeping it secure as you move around. Access your camera instantly by pressing the quick-release button.

Why is Capture Better ?
Capture is the most versatile camera carrying solution ever created – it attaches to any belt, backpack, messenger bag, climbing harness, baby carrier and more. Unlike straps, Capture holds your camera rigidly, allowing you to do extreme activities without your camera swinging into harm’s way. All that in a sleek little package that is smaller and lighter than an iPhone.

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