Are wired networks still worth having, now that wireless networks are so popular?

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Nowadays,we do nearly everything online.we shopping online,working online,reading online,learning online,watching movie online,play games online,entertainment online.It seems features are endless.Regardless of how much we rely on the internet,it’s definitely benefit our life.We all enjoy the convenience of internet from anywhere,such as library,offee shops, airports, hotels,or our house.So why we give up the convenience?

Wired Networking

Since the Ethernet cable is design for transfer information,so you can use a wired connect to the internet.What? you mean use wires to connect the internet?why not do it wirelessly now that wireless networks are virtually anywhere? A very good question,guys,and it also has a good answer.There is no doubt that Wired Networks is a little outdated,which has about 30 years long history.Mecifully,wired technology have developed much better than 30 years ago,and it naturally become a awesome way to get online.That’s why Wired Networks are Still necessary even with wireless are so common today.

I believe that most of you have meet the issue of lose signal.that means if you go far away,you will lost connection.the only way you can get reliable network is to staying in thefar corner of the kitchen next to the window.Otherwise,you will easily lost the signal if you move the wrong way.Another issue needs to mension is speed,we all don’t like to waiting for a page to load or some program to download.The modern Ethernet connections arrived speeds more than three times fastest of the Wi-Fi connections Up to 1 Gigabit per second.And the most important thing that wired networks bring us is Security.wireless networks still have safe problem.For instance,skilled hacker could easily get into 5 or more networks by using only a laptop with a wireless connection.therefore,almost all of our personal information will thoroughly exposed.While,the wired network is much more safe because you have to access the information to connect the network.

So does mean the wireless network is very terror? Certainly not ! Unless you are intend to take an Ethernet cable behind you wherever you go,this would be impractical to do the least, there are a lot of advantages to use Wi-Fi. But Ethernet is somehoe important for your own home,or anywhere you could viably use it.

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