3X1 HDMI Switch with Remote,3D Support !

3X1 HDMI Switch with Remote

For most HD devices,there is only 1-3 HDMI ports for use.such as a game console, a Blu-ray/DVD player,as well as a laptop to plug in,it is no more room for other use.If you are just use this kind of device,the 3×1 HDMI switcher may be a good choice to solve your predicament.This switch allows you to connect five HDMI inputs and direct them to a single HDMI output. It fully conforms to the the HDCP and HDMI 1.3b standards,with the ability to support all 3D formats.And most important it is also now on sale and the price is $24.99 only (Market Value:$59.99) available at Primecables.com,plus our $49+ FREE SHIPPING policy.Buy more Save more!

3X1 HDMI Switch with Remote,3D Support

There are 4 inputs are traditional location on the back,but the fifth is on the front panel that makes you easily to creat a temporary connections,such as via a phone or tablet,and without need to reach behind,this switch is here to help you locate the plug with ease.And setup this device is also easy,just plug in your HDMI source(s) and your display device,then you are done.

Aside from pushing the buttons on the switch itself,this switch also has a flexible remote control,with an on/off button, five direct access buttons, and a pair of directional buttons to cycle between available inputs.The switch also incorporates an amplifier, which automatically regenerates the HDMI signal to full strength, allowing you to use longer-than-normal HDMI cables from the input devices.

This HDMI switch is compatible with most HDMI sources,such as  DVD player, Blu—ray player, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Apple TV and more.If you need more cables or a different length,please visit our online store Phonegala.com


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