3 Easy Ways to Extend USB Cable

USB cables are make for deliver the fast, secure data transfer between all types of different devices.Range from keyboards,cameras,or hard drives.The only drawback is the majority USB cables are in a fairly short length.That’s a result of standard USB connections will lose their effectiveness when the distance between each device are too longer.So we came up with some methods to Extend the length of your USB cables.

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Passive USB Extension Cables
The cheapest way to get more length of your USB cables is to buy a standard extension cable.These cables deliver the quality and value you’ve come to expect from us.The extension cable has a female and a male end,which allows you simply plug it onto the end of the cable you want to extend ,then you’re done.One thing you need to noted is that a passive USB cable can only well transfer data up to around 16 feet.If you go beyond that you may need something more.

Active USB Extension Cables
The second way is Active USB Extension Cables.Since the Active USB work as a 1-port USB hub,they capable of buffer the signals via the USB cable to ensure reliable signal.So you can go much farther with an active USB cable than with a passive one. Active USB extension cables are expensive,especially if you need to daisy chain multiple cables,but the price worth the value.It is a ideal option for extending one device up to about 30-50 feet. The max size of active extension cables are reach up 100 feet,The longer the more expensi

USB over Cat5
Last but not least,the USB Cat5 or Cat6 cable is ables to extend your USB devices for distances of around 50 to 60 meters,that makes it become a awesome way to most modern homes who are already have Cat5e or Cat6 cable to running almost everywhere from room.

At Primecables we providing all type of cables you need without need to spend too much,so it will be a good chance to Extend the length of your USB cables with our lowest price cables and cable accessories.


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