Where to buy 1000Ft Cat6 CM Networking Cables in Canada?

1000Ft Cat6 CM Networking Cables.

If you are intend to buy a 1000Ft Cat6 CM  Cables to improve your network speed,then this article will be definitely helpful for you.This latest verson Network cables now on 16% off $154.99 ONLY(was $184.99)at PrimeCables.Free shipping as well on.With this Bulk cables,you will getting the lightning speeds as fast as 550 MHz,and durable 23AWG shielding.That is a great way to connect all your high speed networking applications including VOIP and Gigabit networks..From our tested,solid cables provide extra bandwidth than its predecessor.

1000Ft Cat6CM Networking Cables from PrimeCables

Here are some questions asked from our customers,Let’s check the answer together.

Question 1 : What’s the difference between Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6? Can I use one in place of another?
Answer: The difference is in the bandwith ratings.Cat 5e has a higher bandwidth than Cat 5. Cat 6 has a higher rating than Cat 5e. They all use RJ45 connectors and are usually interchangeable depending on the bandwidth requirements of your devices.

Question 2 : What’s the difference between UTP and STP? Are these cables shielded?
Answer: UTP stands for Unshielded Twisted Pairs.STP stands for Shielded Twisted Pairs.
The ethernet standard uses data packet transmission and error correction. Unlike streaming data transmission, this standard simply buffers and repeats until it has a complete instruction set which compensates data transmission errors.
Since UTP was cheaper in the beginning, it generally became the standard. If you are using the cables for ethernet connections, either should work. If you are using for a stream data system like video tranmission, the shielded should be used.

Question 3 : What’s the difference between “Solid” and “Stranded”
Answer: “Solid” vs. “Stranded” refers to the structure of the individual conduits in the cable. They can be a single solid wire or several thinner stranded wires. It’s generally a matter of personal preferance which ones you use. Solids are easier to crimp connectors onto.



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