Q-Knot Reusable Ties-A best way to organize your cables

Urshima Wire Organizer Q-Knot Reusable Multipurpose Ties

Regardless of the number of devices you’re use,the cables are easy to get cluttered, messy,and bunched up together.If you need a good helper or organizer for your HDMI cables or Net work cables.you should not miss this Urashima Q-knot Reusable Multipurpose Ties which make of rubber,it’s so stretchable and flexible that ideal for those network cable organizers,also useful for bundling about anything.

There’s no arguing they do look pretty slick with bright colors.While Q-Knot ties are also features more stronger and reusable than twist ties,and it can be control cord bundles,organize art supplies,cinch bags sealed,as well as keep loose objects organized.Sold in a 25-pack of assorted colors and sizes.

useful for bundling about anything.

Key features of Q-Knot Reusable Cable Ties:

  • Smart self-locking design
  • Easy release and retie
  • Stretchable and flexible
  • Non-slip gripping “teeth”
  • 3 different lengths :Small,Medium,Large

There are a ton of stylish Cable Organizer on sale from www.primecables.com.you will never find the same price from other places,it is perhaps the CHEAPEST UT-WIRE organizer price in Canada.Free shipping available for all orders above $49.it will be a good chance for you to buy it and fix your problem.


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