Network Cables Clearance! Up to 60% Off, Start From $0.79 !

Network Cables Clearance!


New update Oct 15th 2015

Due to the promotion period, lots of deals that you read from this blog might be no longer available, however, we are still offering you the best deal in town if you want to purchase network cable in Canada, at the same time, we are offering you the great exclusive offer for the new customer to find out our service, please check the link to find out the new customer exclusive deal from Primecables.


Good news,Network Cables Clearance! Up to 60% Off,Start From $0.79 ! Warehouse Prices Every Day!You never miss it! Most importantly,these Network Cables in which we offered,you will never see the same low price from other places,as well as our $40+ FREE SHIPPING policy,it perhaps the CHEAPEST price in why not just view our web site to find out more during the Clearance season?

All of the Cat5e and Cat 6 cables sale at Primecables are make of 24 AWG pure bare copper wire, as opposed to copper clad aluminum (CCA) wire,so they are completely pass the UL Code 444 and National Electrical Code TIA-568-C.2 fire and safety standards,that require pure bare copper wire in Cat5e and Cat6 communications cables.

For most home Internet connections,as long as the distance between the devices is less than 100 meters (about 330 feet), any of the cables will work with Cat5e or Cat6 ,but Cat6 will offer faster Internet speeds.Cat5e was increase to support network connections at 100 Mbps, which is also known as “gigabit Ethernet.” “Crosstalk,” that is ideal for users of gigabit Ethernet require maximize connection and data speeds.While,Cat6 often used for Ethernet, LAN and similar connections.Cat6 cable works best at less than 100 meters in length.and it also supports bandwidth of 250 Mhz,therefore it’s greater than Cat5 but not quite up to what Cat5e provides.If your Internet is primarily Wi-Fi, the cable used for the basic connections can be any of these.

Cat5e and Cat6 Network Cables from Primecables

Overall,what type of cables you should use depends on what kind device you have.But keep in mind that Primecables offers an extensive selection of cables with CHEAPEST price in Canada,Whether you are looking for  Cat5e or Cat6 or Cat 7,we got it covered.Start browsing,and start saving money today!


Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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