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Cable hassles has become a common trouble for everyone.

It’s easy to become irritable when you are face a maze of cables in your office or home.Regardless of the number of devices you’re use,the cables are easy to get cluttered, messy,and bunched up together.What a mess !Cable hassles has become a common trouble for everyone.Therefore,it’s time to Organize your cables and hidden away.It will not spending a lot time to finish it,as long as you follow our simple steps as below

How to organize your Cable more effectively ?
Step 1:
Pull out all your plugs,Use a cloth to clean up the dust of the cable.Remenber don’t touch the connection ends,when you clean the central portion.By the way,wipe the desk as well.

Label the cables with different colors WORDs From

Step 2:
This is a very important step,Put all the cables on the floor and label them with different colors WORDs,like DVD/red,TV/blue,and VCR/green,so that you can kown each head of the cables and categorize them,But with no accurate order.

shorten your wires in a proper length

Step 3:
Using a Cable Ties to shorten your wires in a proper length,Keeping the cables organized.Alternately,You can also do this by using our Cord organizer,Flexi ties,Cable station,Ut Wire Cord Wrap,and more.

Step 4:
When all the wires are tied and cleaned up,it will be looks more neat and you can plug in all your devices.

Looks more neat and comfortable

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