How to Choose the Right HDMI Cable

We know that HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) provides high-definition digital video and audio according to a single cable,Which dramatically improve home theater system.However,when you look at a variety of cables HDMI Cables on your screen How would you choose ?It is not easy for you to distinguish the different from picture among HDMI cables.Unless you have mastered the professional knowledge of it.In the follow Paragraphs,we’ll explain what the differences are among the different versions of HDMI.

How to Choose the Right HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable can be basically divided into five types:HDMI Standard,HDMI Standard Ethernet,HDMI HighSpeed,HDMI HighSpeed Ethernet,and HDMI Standard Automotive.They comes with 2 basic features:speed and Ethernet.Lately,HDMI is always become the first choice for connecting HD-capable,so let’s take a look what are the differences between different HDMI versions?

HDMI 1.0:The original version for a single-cable digital audio/video connection along with 165MHz bandwidth and a maximum bitrate of 4.9Gbps (enough for 1080p video). Two-channel audio only.
HDMI 1.1:Increasing multichannnel audio use for DVD-Audio (up to 5.1 channels).
HDMI 1.2:Along with an extra multichannel one-bit audio formats like SACD (Super Audio CD).and it also support HDMI connectors on personal computers.
HDMI 1.3:Adopted the “Deep Color” .Increased bandwidth to 340MHz and the maximum bitrate to 10.2 Gbps (plenty for 3D video).
HDMI 1.4:Adding Ethernet capability,The key ability of 1.4 is sending audio according to your TV’s tuner back to your home theater receiver.So called “audio return channel,”
HDMI 2.0:significantly increases bandwidth up to 18Gbps to support new formats such as 4K video (3840 x 2160 pixels) at up to 60 frames per second.

Steps For Choosing the Right HDMI Cable:

  • 1 Measuring the distance between your HDTV and device,Write down the measure result,buy a HDMI cable a few inches longer than your measurement.
  • 2 Be a smart consumer,The more expensive HDMI cables doesn’t mean that is better,Actually,Almost all most of the cables are make of the same materials.So don’t mistake understand the higher price comes with higher quality.Just pick up the you need.
  • 3 Shop HDMI Cable online,Instead of shopping in the store,you can try to shop them online.Because Primecables.provide a wide rage of cables sale on CHEAPEST price,plus $49+ FREE SHIPPING policy,you will no longer need to go to the local store to spend the overpriced iPhone case with less selecting options.
  • 4 Double check your components,Although the price of HDMI cable is not expensive,but if you get a wrong HDMI cable,it will not compatible with your TV.It’s a little waste isn’t it?

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