Cat7 S/STP patch cable 63% off,$5.99 ONLY(was $16.58)

Cat7 Network cable on sale

Cat 7 RCNC-11035 7 ft Green Shielded Twisted Pair (S/STP) Networking Cable

Have you heard about“Twisted pair cable”,Just in case if you don’t know,I make a simply explain:Twisted pair cabling is a type of wiring in which two conductors of a single circuit are twisted together for the purposes of canceling out electromagnetic interference (EMI) from external sources-WIKI

The Cat7 S/STP patch cable was well know for its Unmatched  Ethernet connection,which is perfect for a variety of applications.Both of Screened Shielded Twist Pairing (S/STP)and gold plated connectors are fully prevents the cable from external Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) for optimized signal quality.Furthermore,with Durable blue jacket,you can easily Coloring-codes your cable while offering rugged flexibility for network connection.

cat-7-network-cable from PrimeCables

For durable use,a strain relief fitting shall be provided in addition to the RJ-45 connector from being bent at sharp angle.To provide additional catching or hooking,by making a snagless to protect it when you need to pull the cable a long distance.These cables are use for 1000Base-TX,100Base-T,and 10Base-T networking.While your network can not be work at Gigabit speeds,unless all of  the components are validated at Gigabit speeds.So you may need a gigabit  switch, router/hub,as well as gigabit network cards.

Cat7 SSTP patch cable

Cat7 cable support 600 Mhz with blazing speeds up to 10,000 Mbit/s.that is a great forward than its predecessor (CAT 3: 10 Mhz, CAT 5: 100Mhz, CAT 6: 250 Mhz).And it is a cable standard for Ethernet and other interconnect technologies and are still backward compatible with previous categories of networking such as Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6.Category 7 is recognized for all the country organizations members of ISO.



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