Brother TN-450 New Compatible Toner Cartridge Testing Report

Brother TN-450 New Compatible Toner Cartridge Testing Report


Brother HL-2240 Monochrome printer using multi-purpose white paper rated at 92 Bright, 20lb Weight. Brother OEM (Original/Genuine) TN420 starter cartridge was used as a control.

ISO19752 file was used as the standard page to compare the printing results.

Brother HL-2240 printer, TN-450 compatible toner , TN-420 OEM toner, DR-420 drum unit, TopPrint copy paper

HL-2240, TN-450, TN-420, DR-420, TopPrint copy paper



The new compatible testing TN450 were recognized properly. The “ready” light is green. No error messages occurred during testing.

Brother HL-2240 printer control panel

Brother HL-2240 printer control panel tested from


Appearance and Fit

The new compatible testing TN450 toner cartridges appeared similar in shape and design to the Brother OEM TN420. Being compatibles, some expected cosmetic changes were made on the testing compatible TN450 compared to the OEM. These expected differences presented no issues during testing.

Brother OEM TN-420 versus Compatible TN-450 (High yield version of TN-420)

Brother OEM TN-420 versus Compatible TN-450 (High yield version of TN-420)

The testing compatible TN450 fits the same as the OEMs with no issues being inserted or removed.  No abnormal noises occurred during testing.

Compatible TN-450 fits in the drum and printer with no problem

Compatible TN-450 fits in the drum and printer with no problem

Print Quality and Leaking

There were no leaking issues even after repeated, extended test printing.

No printing quality issues such as lines, banding, toner specks, etc. were experienced using the testing compatible TN450.

There was no big difference between the printouts of OEM and Compatible at first glance.


Scanned copy of the ISO19752 printout

Scanned copy of the ISO19752 printout

However, closer to the image you can see the differences as the OEM toner is more precise and better distributed, but the color of the new compatible toner is deeper. Due to the deeper color, the text on the new compatible TN-450 printout is actually more noticeable than the OEM printout.

Closer look of the differences between compatible toner and OEM

Closer look of the differences between compatible toner and OEM tested from

Overall speaking, the new compatible TN450 performs well during the test and we believe it will satisfy our regular daily printing demand. However, for perfectionist who purses extreme high quality of printing, OEM TN420 or TN450 will be the best for them.

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16 comments on “Brother TN-450 New Compatible Toner Cartridge Testing Report
  1. James says:

    Very interesting. I think I will give a try to your compatible TN-450

  2. Ann says:

    Thank you for these testings of the toners. My printer uses the TN450. I have purchased your compatible toner for 2 printers. The one thing though I have noticed which you did not mention was the smell. Your compatible toners have a bad smell when printing. That would be my only complaint.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Ann,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Technically speaking, the Laser printers work by melting the toner (powder) onto the paper. Therefore it might be a light smell when printing by using a laserjet printer, especially when printing multiple pages by the printer (OEM toners may have this smell too). Also this is why there’s always some smell in a copying center.

      However, if the smell is really bothering you a lot, please let us know and we will try our best to meet your satisfactions.

      Thanks again.

  3. Bernard Maille says:

    Why do you feel the need to compare the OEM cartridge with the generic? Because of the complaints???

    The compatible one you sold me has terrible banding and printed pages are barely readable. None of the settings have been changed on the printer. The only positive is YES the printer recognized the cartridge and I got a green light. Apart from that, this purchase was a waste of money. Next time I will buy an OEM.


    • Hi Bernard,

      We are very sorry for the problem and believe me this is a serious issue and I will make an emergency report to the managers for them to investigate what is the cause of the problem, at the same time I will talk to the customer service manager for them to contact to you and to see if there is anything that we can compensate for your time and patient! We are sincerely sorry and I will try my best to help you with !


  4. JEFF says:

    I have used the G&G cartridges on my CP1215 laser printer and had nothing but grief. The color ones leaked so badly I had to change printers. I have partially filled cartridges that I cannot use for fear they will damage my other HP CP1215.One will be good and the next one I buy starts giving me problems while still having 60% or more toner in it.
    The much older ones from 3or 4 years ago were great. When 123 changed suppliers I started to wonder if I should still deal with them.

    • Hi Jeff,

      We heard your story and we are very sorry for that, regard to your issue, the G&G cartridge from your model rarely cause issue before, there are many outer factor that can contribute the toner leaking, to solve your problem, we recommend you to contact to our customer service and explain the issue so if you will have the chance to get full refund, or we can replace you a new toner cartridge, at the same time, I will report this issue to the product team to make sure that they file an investigation to make sure that such thing won’t happen again, please accept our deep apologies and feel free to let us know if you need anymore assistance!


  5. Kenneth Jordi says:

    Thanks for the comparison and the great review, I have tried your TN 450 toner and it works great for my Brother MFC-7460DN, the color was nice and it saves me a lot of money from buying the original ink, thanks !

  6. Pat says:

    Purchased toner with drum kit missing part to clean cartridge, very bad print quality definately something wrong with drum since I am responsible for shipping costs does not make sense costwise to return, similar problem previously with toner as well only response from your customer service was to return again not cost wise. Probably last time I order from you unless you are willing to cover postage for defective products.


    • Hi Pat,

      Apology for the super late reply, in case if there is missing part from the item, we are the one who is responsible, not you, if you can still see this comment, feel free to contact our customer service with your invoice number and we will be very glad to help !


  7. Dan says:

    To all the people who complain about the generic cartridges. I ts normal that the generic , re-manufactured in China to have less quality than OEM ones, but do not forget the price is just a fraction of the original so no comment at this point. I am using for my Brother laser printer generic G&G cartridges and I have noticed that they jam a lot in the printer. Why? Everything is new and poor lubricated, so I unscrew little the side covers screw , just to release the extra pressure and voila…works like OEM ones. So for people that had same problem try this solution before returning the cartridges. For light print or banding issues, most like it is one of the components that failed inside of the cartridge and if still under warranty you should get a replacement cartridge.
    Noticed that the remanufactured cartridges who use original shells perform better than cartridges who use generic shells.

  8. Derek says:

    For anyone wondering about the quality of these cartridges: I bought one 2 years ago and it is nearly empty now, after printing a few reams of paper. The quality is always fine–not quite OEM, but very close. Definitely close enough for the price. I will be buying one of these again when my current cartridge runs out. 123inkcartridges has great support and customer service; I can’t imagine a reason to go with another vendor or cartridge.

  9. MIKE says:

    I need a cartridge compatible with BROTHER HL-5140

  10. Paul Hilton says:

    I find the Brother TN420 Cartridges work great on my Printer and the Paper I have been ordering is great also. Thanks for the great service. Sincerely, Paul

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