86% Off Logiix® USB Power Cube on sale at BestBuy !

We lower the prices of our some popular products in return of the support of our old & new customers.The Logiix USB Power Cube is one of the popular products which price drops up to 86%,$3.99 ONLY,while its original was $29.99.It’s a great deal, isn’t it ?

Logiix USB Power Cube

This Logiix USB Power Cube make from a unique cube shaped designed to be a convenience and standard USB power.What’s more,This flexible charger has the characteristic of plug in that can easily folds up When you don’t use it.while looking stylish doing it.It’s too ompact to carry on,Which is particularly welcome to those who on the go.So many people put it into their Must-Have travel list.

As a conclusion,may be some people feel disappointed for its one available color,it won’t compromise the functions of your phone,since Purple looks so cool !You could use this charger on a day-to-day base to ensure ultra-use of your phone or only use it when going outdoor.

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Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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