1000ft Cat6 CMR Riser Cable On Sale

1000ft Cat6 CMR Riser Cable On Sale from PrimeCables

Search for a Bulk rated cable to improve your speed of networking ?i will recommend you 1000ft Cat6 CMR Riser Cable,which is idear for your high speed networking applications.This High retad cable comes with increased audio/video, broadband and security capabilities in reel packing box.So you can connect all your WAN/LAN segments to all your networking gear,or even run full throttle with any bottlenecked lines.

1000ft Cat6 CMR Riser Cable

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Solid cables are make for economical and practical from the first day.Solid core conduits offers better performance than previously cable runs.From our tested,solid cables runs 550 MHz  provide extra bandwidth and performance than the basic requirements of Cat6 550 MHz standards.It is  great for all kinds of high bandwidth applications such as VOIP and Gigabit networks.Both of Cat6 cables and connectors are Solid-Built that can definitely lower crosstalk and system noise.

All of our network cables are ROHS compliant and UL listed.

  • 4-pair (UTP) unshielded twisted pair cable
  • 23 AWG Copper Clad Aluminum
  • Low Smoke, CMR Riser  rated jacket
  • Length: 1000ft

(*)The actual product can be different from the picture.

These cables are CMR rated for all general in-wall and riser use.PrimeCables brings you UTP Top notch quality and unbeaten price $149.99(Prime cost $179.99)16% off.




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