What is 3D Printing? Do you know it will replace the printer tecnology?

3D printing,also know as Additive manufacturing,which is a procedure of manufacture a three-dimensional solid object into different shape via a digital file,The creation of a 3D printing is successful applying “additive manufacturing”,where successive layers of material are store up in different shapes.However,3D printing Technology has been in exist since the 1980 s,Until the early 2010 s,the printers began widely used in business.

3D printing

While,From the beginning of the 21st century,there has been a large number people produce and sale this machine,therefore the prices of 3D printers and raw materials has fallen substantially.3D printing Beginning to affect many industries including architecture,jewelry,education,geographic,military,engineering,automotive,business & industrial equipment,and many other fields.

Now,people can spend less money to buy a great 3D printer,and end up cut down the companies capital costs as well.some entrepreneurs are already using 3D printers for short-term or mass customization.Though printed item are not prototypes,But the actual end user of the product.In real life,the process of making three dimensional is somehow like woodworking,sculpture,ceramics,as well as textiles,work in 3D is funny,complexity,and needs innovation spirit.

Overall,3D technology bring us more convenience,and  will impact almost every aspect of industry and our personal lives!


Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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