Are you ready for the new Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2014

Are you ready for the new Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2014

This article is mere discussion about the new Samsung Galaxy S5.The Galaxy S5,as Samsung’s Top-notch smartphone for 2014 has been unveiled at its Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona on February 24th.So what can we expect from the Galaxy S5?It come with a new design,upgraded camera,and resistant to water and dust.And of course,added a great many new features,including fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor and more.See all MWC news.

The key point of this Samsung Galaxy S5 is the screen.which has a 5.1in Super AMOLED display,bigger than S4’s in 0.1.While the resolution of S5 is sticks at Full HD (1920×1080).This S5 measures 142 *72.5 * 8.1mm,and weighs 145g.That’s remarkebly 15g heavier than S4.Compared with the S4’s,the Samsung Galaxy S5 gets a EXCELLENT power boost with 2.5GHz Quad core,rather than 1.9GHz chip.Furtherfore,it runs Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.

Have a glance at Galaxy S4,you can cover that it has a amazing camera,Certainly,we can looking forward Galaxy S5 will show up.The pixel of S5 count from 13Mp to 16Mp,along with a physically larger sensor.The camera app is add a ‘Selective Focus’that means you can pick an area in the photo – near, far or pan – and defocus everything else.View More

At present,there’s no Samsung Galaxy S5 on sale,But you can buying Samsung series including Samsung Galaxy S1,Samsung Galaxy S2,Samsung Galaxy S3,Samsung Galaxy S4 from 


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