The Cost Efficient Office Secret Weapon- Brother HL-2270DW

The Brother HL-2270DW printer is perhaps one of the cheapest printer that you can find at the market now, the printer itself has the great design and heavy duty features, the laser monochrome printer offer the best option in term of cost efficient especially for the office environment, remember the fact from the modern time, each refill of ink/toner cartridge could be crucial factor for overwhelming operation cost, and that is why the company Brother decide to introduce a rather, an inexpensive monochrome printer which can help you to cut the cost more than 60%, even though people might comment that this printer model has the low performance on graphical document, but please remember that, cutting cost is and will always be the priority for companies, and if the Brother HL-2270DW machine can be called efficient,  then your boss must be happy to see that in the number rather than how beautiful your document will be printed, I am just being honest with the facts!

Brother HL-2270DW

Brother HL-2270DW

As for the HL-2270DW models, this is the design of minimalist, you don’t find any control panel, no LED, no button where you can adjust the resolution, brightness, the way to control how you print your paper, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, it is just simply a machine where you only see SPEED, DURABILITY and SIZE for this printer, if you are working at the office and you need a super fast and cost efficient printer to print out your daily table, document or text, then congratulation! However, if you are pursue to spend more toner cartridges for better color, graphic or image clarity, then this printer might be good for you, it’s a monochrome laser printer, and what it determine what the monochrome is, it means everything what you see is black and white ! It’s a boring but effective machine, and one thing that I forgot to mention, this is also one of the smallest printer that you ever had with the powerful wireless interference, with its multi-purpose paper feed slots, this printer made the printer become more dynamic since you will be able to produce letter, legal, A4 A5, or other documents with ease, everything that is coming at 3.3 cent per page cost or even lower depend which type of toner that you are using.

The Brother TN-420 or TN-450 are the two types of toner that this printer is using, they both did not have any differences in general except the page volume, that is why you see “High yield” on TN-450 models, which basically means more page volume, each toner cartridges will be able to printer out 2600 pages or 1200 pages for the tn420 version, all the cartridges have the shelf life for 2 years so you can stock it up when it is on sale and use it after, since both the cartridges are compatible,  the price will be much lower than the original manufacture cartridge and most important, the quality of printing will not be compromised, so if you want to save more than 50% printing cost, the first that you should do is to get a nice printer, and the second thing, to get a nice and high compatible toner cartridges model and start to research it !

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