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Have you heard about our new-released “Cable Finder” feature from Just in case if you don’t know, now with our amazing device searching on-site feature, you will be able to search the type of cable that you need just simply input your device input as well as your output devices, then you will be able to find out the cable that you need, isn’t this interesting? Feel free to read the following to get to know how  to use our feature better.

*How to find the right cable that you need?

Step 1-  Choose your own device

The first thing that you will need to do, is to get familiar what kind of device that you had with you and what purpose that you want to do with your current device?, Unlike any other complicated sources who offer you greater complexity of technical names and brands, which are professional, however, we think that with the device port graph option, all the problems will be solved, you will just need to select the device that match the graph, and our search intelligence will do the job for you, super simple!|

cable finder from

best way to search your cable

For example, if I want to buy cable for HDMI output to TV, then the first thing that I should know is what device that I am using now, on the picture I choose a laptop, and the second thing that I should select is HDMI port since that is what I had with my device, of course each devices could have different connectors, what you need to do is the choose the one which suits you, which is very self-explanatory.

Step 2- Match to your output device

Once you have selected the device and port you had, then the next step is to select the output device, according to my previous example, I want to connect my laptop to my TV, and everything what I need to do, is to find out what ports did my HDTV supports, once I selected the thing I need, all the device will pop up and I just need to check the price and the offer that I need and then throw it into my shopping cart and voila!

how to use cable finder feature

how to use cable finder feature

Step 3- Enjoy the shopping

Sometimes we will have the cable promotion or coupon on our main page, make sure that you stay in touch with our flyer by email subscription, at the same time, feel free to join our social media pages or following our on site banner to get many more special deals or discount.

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