27% 0ff, $1.99 only! HDMI Cable 28AWG -3ft w/Ferrite Cores

Our latest revision Standard HDMI Cable 28AWG -3ft w/Ferrite Cores .Which bandwidth is doubles of the original one.and it is perhaps one of the cheapest cable cost that you can find in the market (as low as $1.99),it help you to save at least$0.85.I am sure that you will fall in love with this if you have suffered by paying the high price. it supports both clear high definition video and high resolution multi-channel digital audio.This cable used the most popular model in the marketing.

 HDMI Cable 28AWG -3ft w/Ferrite Cores


Standard HDMI Cable 28AWG -3ft w/Ferrite Cores (Gold Plated Connectors) – BLACK,Standard HDMI Cable 28AWG – 10ft w/Ferrite Cores (Gold Plated Connectors) – BLACK

The idea for buying HDMI Cable is the highest quality with full triple layer shielding from end to end, strong, solid wire welds and the highest quality materialsincluding high purity copper, gold plated connectors and tin plated conduits.without even mentioning our 1 year guarantee plus our $49+ order free shipping service.Shop HDMI Cable 28AWG -3ft w/Ferrite Cores online from our store is you best choice!

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