How to Install Brother TN450 Toner Cartridge and DR-420 Drum Unit in a Brother HL-2240D Laser Printer

If you are looking for a excellent printer for print out office document, then I will recommend you the Brother HL-2240D laser printer, why? First, this printer is perhaps the no.1 monochrome printer at the market, second, since this is from the Brother brand, it’s pretty much associated to lower cartridges cost, without even mentioning its high print speed which is up to 24ppm, 2400×600 dpi, this Brother printer will make everything possible, no matter if you are talking about documents, excel files or even commercial graph, this monochrome printer definitely become one of your favorite.



A lot of people have asked us question “ How to install the TN450 toner cartridge” from our tech support, and the reason why they ran to us because they found their TN450 cartridges won’t fit, in most of the case, the issue arise  because a lot of people forget to replace their tn450 drum unit as well, I will guide you how:

Before you install your cartridges, make sure your printer HL2240d is switching into power on mode, make sure you do not turn it off the printer otherwise it might cause the possibilities that the device will not recognize the cartridges due to the reset, here is what you need to do:

1) Remove your DR420 drum unit from the printer (Click here to see what the dr420 drum unit looks like)
2) Take it off the TN420 toner cartridges from the drum unit
3) Find the new Brother toner tn450 and replace it, remember that most of the toner and drum unit are selling differently, make sure you install the tn450 toner cartridges on the drum unit firmly, you should hear the click sound while you install it.
4) After you done installing the cartridges on your drum unit, insert your whole drum unit into your Brother 2240d laser printer, let the printer device recognize your compatible Brother tn450 cartridges.

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